Vertex Typescript SDK

Monorepo for the Vertex TS SDK. The Vertex SDK is a collection of utilities for interacting with the Vertex API and contracts.

SDK Docs



Exposes VertexClient, which composes utils for API & contract interaction.


Exports ABIs, types, and utility functions for interacting with contracts


Common utilities, including our BigNumber library of choice at Vertex, bignumber.js


Workspace Scripts

This is a Lerna monorepo. See package.json for common tasks, some of which are:

clean/build/dev/lint: Fairly common & self-explanatory tasks, operate on the entire repo

gen-typedoc: Generates documentation using TypeDoc

link-local/unlink-local: Used for local package development. Uses yarn link/unlink (docs) to enable other local repos to consume Vertex packages without having to publish a new version.

> When making a change to the SDK, you will need to build the SDK, then run `yarn install --force` on the consuming
> repo for the changes to be picked up.

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